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Product Name: Premium Underpad

Date: 2019-05-18 11:01

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About Us:

ZP Healthcare is a professional supplier of health care products and medical consumables including: disposable underpads, pet pads, diapers, light soft stretcher, etc.
Our company was established in 2010 as a local manufacturer of health care products. Our complete product range is manufactured in compliance with international quality norms and guidelines using superior material.

Detailed introduction

Yoyole underpad is available in a rang of sizes and absorbance to suit all requirements,It is widely used for hospital bed,operating table,maternal nursing,wheelchair and infant bed to protect users against body fluids contamination.
1)The Top Layer:High-quality Non-woven fabrics
2)Super Absorption Core:USA imported GP fluff pulp and High polymer absorbing resin(SAP)
3)Breathable bottom Layer:High quality PE film

Chart 1

Size Weight Remarks
30*45cm(12”*18”)   The weight,size and can be customized according to customer’s needs.
45*60cm(17”*24”) 30g
60*60cm(24”*24”) 40g
60*90cm(24”*36”) 60g
75*75cm(30”*30”) 80g


Chart 2
SAP Weight Absorption Remarks
2g 200ml The SAP quantity can be adjusted to suit customer’s needs.
5g 500ml
8g 800ml
10g 1000ml
Product Featured:
  1. Non-woven Top Layer:
  Allows liquid to pass quickly into the absorbent core and keep wetness away from skin.
  1. Super Absorption Core:
  Ensure rapid moisture absorption and odor neutralization.
  1. Breathable bottom PE film:
  Effectively guards against leakage and protects bed sheet.
  1. Special Texture Design:
  Rapid diversion design with rhombic embossment  are helpful to the liquid absorption,keeping skin drier and comfortable.
  1. Color: