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Product Name: Disposable Underpads

Date: 2018-10-20 08:55

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About Us:

ZP Healthcare is a professional supplier of health care products and medical consumables including: disposable underpads, pet pads, diapers, light soft stretcher, etc.
Our company was established in 2010 as a local manufacturer of health care products. Our complete product range is manufactured in compliance with international quality norms and guidelines using superior material.

Detailed introduction

As a clean, soft, comfortable product, disposable hygiene underpads are capable of moisture absorption and leakage prevention, and also easy to use. By using disposable hygiene underpads you can not only keep body dry and in comfort, but also avoid bed sheet and unserpads contamination and preclude infection spread between patient and nurse.
It is an irreplaceable consumables in the operating room, paralysed patients, patients with limited activity, menstrual period of women etc. Besides, our disposable pads also can be used in veterinary clinics. We can customise orders to make it more suitable for pet nursing.
Spunbond Non-woven Top Layer: High-quality soft surface keeps dry and comfortable for a long time.
Super Absorbent Ploymer: Dual absorbent core is designed to quickly lock in moisture and neutralize unpleasant odors.
Leak-Proof: PE film allows moisture vapor to transfer away from the patient while protecting bed linens, against leakage.
Special Texture Design: The texture of diamond and dot are helping to the liquid absorption, keeping wetness away from skin.

Product Description

Product Name Disposable Underpads
Size 60*45cm 60*60cm 60*90cm (Customer special requirement on size can be satisfied.)
Raw Material Imported Super Absorbent Ploymer(SAP) and Fluff Pulp; Non-Woven Fabric; PE Film
Color White, Blue & Pink
For Whom Patients, Adult, Elder, Baby, Women, Pet
Feature Moisture Absorption, Leakage Prevention, Breathable, Keep dry and comfortable
Main Market                North America, Europe,India